You can benefit from our years of experience, as well as from the professional and reliable manner in which we conduct business. JF Management Services helps you find the right solutions to meet all your needs.

Jennifer Fletcher, owner of JF Management Services prides herself on providing reliable, accurate and detail oriented, affordable professional services for todays small business. In this current environment of ever increasing regulations and costs, JF Management Services is poised to assist small businesses in efficient and practical outsourcing objectives.

JF Management Services was created after many years of providing oversight and direction for small businesses in the form of bookkeeping, payroll, personnel training, the creation, maintenance and development of financial records, as well as personal and company asset administration.

Over the past 16 years Jennifer has developed and managed numerous small private companies with asset holdings ranging from $100k in annual sales, and up to $20mm in rental properties and personal assets. In addition, she has provided detailed financial reporting for those recently separated and proceeding with divorce.

In obtaining the services of JF Management, you will be receiving the highest standards of performance and efficiency while implementing streamlined processes that will allow you to maximize your profits and give you the essential time and focus needed for building your proforma.