Providing financial record management, oversight of assets and a lasting professional relationship!

 New Business Start-up: There are so many things to do when starting up a new company, so let us help you make your dream come true. If you are wanting to open a restaurant, specialty boutique, retail store, real estate/property management company, construction company, mobile food vendor or whatever your business dreams are, we can help you get started. We can guide you and help you every step of the way from setting up your company structure, to creating your bookkeeping and POS systems, human resources and much much more. We have many resources and are connected with respectable professionals in many fields that may also be of assistance.

Bookkeeping: We offer bookkeeping solutions for any type of industry. Whether your business needs someone to handle the day to day record keeping or just someone to check in every once in a while to ensure things are running okay, we can help! We will work with you to customize an affordable plan to suit your needs. We will even train your staff to ensure accuracy!

Payroll: If you are a new business, we can get your payroll questions answered and get you up and running to ensure your employees are paid on time. We can also handle the re-occuring payroll requirements, pay all tax payments and file the necessary quarterly/annual reports to the required agencies. If you would like us to train yourself or someone from your staff to process payroll, we can assist in that process as well.

Record Keeping, Office Organization and Assessment: One of the most important aspects for operating a successful business is to have your records and office in order. An unorganized office will only cost you precious time, money and stress. If you often find you ask yourself “Now, where did I put that file…Hmmm…?”, or you say “PAST DUE…it can’t be past due, I KNOW I paid that bill!” then you need to call us…we can help! Let us do an assesment of your office and needs, we love to organize and will make sure you have what you need and can find what you need when you need it.

Employee Training, Policies & Procedures: Employees can make or break a business. We believe strongly that a company’s strong, solid foundation and well trained, dedicated and respected staff can take your buisness to new heights. Company policies and proceedures, no matter how small and simple make a huge difference in employees who seek and long for structure and direction. Every employer seeks to find the perfect employee, but we do not always get it right and that is the importance of the policies and proceedures or guidelines that the company lives by. If you do not have the appropriate documentation, it can save cost you an enormous amount of money, time, stress and possibly your business.

If you are starting a new business or your office has grown and you find it is time to hire employees, we can assist you in the process of setting up your companies policies & procedures, securing the best possible applicants and then training the new hires so you can keep your focus on what’s important… growing your business and generating profits.

Divorce Financial Research / Reconcilation: Divorce is a very stressful time for everyone and it is difficult to keep your mind on the day to day routine of life, let alone your business. If you a small business owner are in the middle of a divorce and need help sorting through the boxes of paperwork so you can show the court how healthy or not so healthy your business might be, we can help you. We have the means to organize and create the necessary documents to get you straightened out. Let us help you take some of the stress away.

Asset Management: We have many years experience with managing people’s personal assets. If you have come to a point in your life and you need someone who will work for you that you can trust will look out for your assets and belongings, then Call Us! We can look after your property, whether you have a property that is out of state, vacant or is being rented, we can ensure that property is safe and secure, we can be the representative between yourself and other hired individuals to represent your needs and wishes, we can track down money owed to you and we will work to ensure that your properties and/or money is safe, secure and protected.

Small Business Regulatory Compliance: The State of California has many laws and regulations for small businesses that must be followed and we know how very frustrating and confusing it can be! When you are just starting out there are so many things to do, let us do the leg work to ensure you get all of necessary licenses, permits, inspections and requirements that the state local agencies want all new businesses to have.

Personal Finances: You do not have to be a small business for us to manage your personal finances; no job is to small.

Why Hire JF Management Services

  • Trustworthy & Dedicated
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  • Professional & Dependable
  • Services Offered On-site or Off-site Via Secure Remote Access
  • Available Coordination with CPA’s, Lawyers & Finance Professionals
  • Small Business Friendly Pricing

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